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Available Kittens

Below we have pictures and information on our available kittens. 
If you are interested in adopting one of our kittens, please reach out with the name of the kitten you are interested in.

Kittens range from $1,800.00 to $2,500.00

All kittens come vaccinated, wormed, Tica registered, spayed/ neutered, litter box trained, vet checked, a 2-year genetic health guarantee, a 1-week health warranty, and an excellent Kitten Kit! 
(Kitten Kits change and depend on current inventory)


Silver Charcoal Rosetted Male

Born 1/27/24

Baloo is our charming silver charcoal Bengal boy. Known for his loving nature and constant purring, he is a true cuddle buddy. His curiosity and outgoing personality make him the life of any event. Baloo loves water and has recently started harness training, already attending local events. His adventurous spirit and affectionate demeanor make him a delightful companion.

Available Now!


Silver Rosetted Male

Born 10/22/23

Scooby is our delightful silver rosetted boy who loves to be close to you. He follows you around the house, eager for your attention and affection. Scooby is exceptionally loving and thrives on interaction. His favorite part of the day is bedtime because he gets to cuddle up and snuggle with you. His affectionate nature and need for companionship make him a perfect furry friend for anyone looking for a loyal and loving Bengal cat.

Available Now!


Brown Rosetted Male

Born 10/22/23

Fred is our adorable brown rosetted Bengal kitten with a love for belly rubs. As soon as he walks into a room, he rolls over, eagerly awaiting pets and affection. Fred is the softest cat we own, and he knows it! His plush fur and charming personality make him an irresistible bundle of joy. If you're looking for a kitten that loves attention and has a delightful, playful spirit, Fred is the perfect match.

Available Now!

Don't see your perfect kitten?

We may have a waitlist for another litter available

or have been delayed on updating the website with our new kittens. 

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